Aerial Ardour, Aireen Arellano

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Aerial Ardour, LLC was founded by Aireen Arellano. Aireen thrives on thoughtful design, accelerated deadlines, and very happy clients.

Aireen has eleven years of professional experience in art direction, print, web design, rich media, packaging, illustration and social media branding and has used these skills to develop an expertise in the beverage and restaurant industries.

Aireen creates clean, bold, and smart visual branding. Every design decision is geared towards creating a cohesive big picture – not just making a pretty one. She illustrated and designed the very first Facebook game for a major spirit brand, and her work has been featured on,,, and Refinery29.

She dove into the art world headfirst by wielding a crayon and scribbling all over the kitchen walls at 3 years old. Her parents determined there was a better way to channel this artistic energy, so off she went to study Fine Arts at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago throughout grade school before attending Northern Illinois University to study Illustration. It was there where Aireen found her true talent in creative branding, so she transferred to Columbia College Chicago and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising Art Direction.

Between creating awesome design for her clients, Aireen enjoys snuggling up with her two Boston Terriers and French Bulldog, shaking up a craft cocktail, cooking vegan meals for her friends and family, practicing yoga on the daily, co-hosting monthly dog meetups, and running a t-shirt brand with her husband, Jeff, called Snort Monster.

Aireen is a personable and dependable gal with a compulsion for detail, and she exemplifies all these attributes through her company, which demonstrates her Passion on Paper and Pixelsโ„ข.

Partial client list:
VEEV Spirits
Rare Botanical Bitters Company
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
P.F. Chang’s


Tate Modern, London. “You like museums? Me too! Let’s hang out at one! (And food, I like food too.)โ€