Are You One of VeeV’s Biggest Fans?

Do you want a year’s worth of VeeV? It’s high time you’re rewarded for it!

VeeV wanted to provide engagement with fans (as they always awesomely do), and this contest was a great way to do it. Fans submitted a photo of themselves with VeeV and provided some words as to why VeeV is fantabuloso. Then fellow fans vote on the best pics/essays, and a winner is to be announced on April 1st. (Voting is still going on, so head over there now if you want to see some enthusiastic faces ready to vying for 2 free cases of VeeV!)

I approached the project by conveying the enthusiasm a true fan has for anything they’re passionate for – particularly, sports fans. I also wanted to communicate the epic nature of the contest by creating custom typography with a strong, booming attitude. And as always with Facebook tab content, my goal is to communicate the details in clear, concise nuggets of information in a visually engaging way.