VeeV®, VitaFrute™ & hum Available at iPic Theaters!

When the amazing people at VeeV Spirits asked me to check out this video clip, I watched it with tingles:

There, on one table, were all three bottle design projects I had the immense honor of working on, all of which were handled brilliantly in this video featuring another fabulous client, Chicago mixologist/genius/hum Botanical Spirits creator, Adam Seger.

In the video, he shows us how to make the Spa-Mopolitan, using VeeV®, hum, hibiscus, agave, and lime juice. YUMZ.

He also pours some VitaFrute™ Lemonade for Casey Messer, also featured in the video.

I feel so wonderfully blessed for these opportunities, and this video is another reminder of how thankful I am to have these amazing clients.

VeeV®, VitaFrute™, and hum are all available at an iPic Theater near you!

Farmhouse Co-owner Nora Gainer in ‘Today’s Chicago Woman’

Congratulations to Farmhouse co-owner Nora Gainer for her feature in Today’s Chicago Woman magazine’s September 2012 issue!

I’ve had the honor of working with Nora on various projects for some time now, and she is both a pleasure to work with and one smart, sharp woman.

Today’s Chicago Woman… fantastic choice for your feature!

Read Nora’s entire feature on Farmhouse’s website here.

Cheers to you and your continued success and inspiration, Nora!