‘Egg & Dart’ Menu Design

It’s been all about menu designs in July! And I love it.

I designed the full menu for a rustic Greek restaurant in Miami, FL called Egg & Dart.

A Greek restaurant named Egg & Dart? Shouldn’t it be named… John Stamos or something? (Yes, I’m demonstrating my expansive cultural awareness right now. 0_0)

Well, after looking it up (apologies to my Art History professor for not paying attention to this in class, if this indeed WAS covered in class, ooooooh!), I found out “egg-and-dart” refers to a Greek ornamental device that uses alternating egg and arrow shapes.

I figured the owners must get that question a lot, so I thought it would be neat to put that definition up at the top of the menu.

The owners of Egg & Dart had a good foundation for the menu design, but it didn’t quite reflect the rich and elegant rusticity of their restaurant. It was set in a basic Word doc. Print. Distribute. For a restaurant that took its time crafting their food, you want to communicate that same dedication to detail in the menu.

Egg & Dart’s drink menu. Before.

Egg & Dart’s drink menu. After.

I kept this super simple and utilized the beautiful egg-and-dart device that was in their wonderfully designed logo and used that as a border all around the tabloid-sized document, while taking care not to have it completely dominate the page. 

To further communicate the authentic Greek cuisine, I thought it would be good to accompany each menu section with the Greek translation of that word. So even if you couldn’t understand the Greek translation, its presence was still effective. (I preemptively asked the owner for forgiveness if I had any of the Greek words incorrect, since I was using an online translation service. It’s been approved with no admonishing, so all is well!) 

Egg & Dart’s food menu. Before.

Egg & Dart’s food menu. After. Small bites, salad, main dishes, and dessert. Seriously. YUM. This is torture.

The real challenge of a menu is fitting in the copious amount of information in an organized and visually appealing way, while also taking into account legibility, readability, and even the lighting in the restaurant. A beautifully designed menu is nothing if the guests can’t read it. 

I feel fabulous about this project, and I hope you enjoy its beautiful simplicity too.

Because I’m located in the Midwest, I’m sad that I won’t be able to enjoy Egg & Dart’s cuisine in Miami. But next time I’m in Florida, I know exactly where to enjoy deliciously crafted and rustic Greek cuisine – and now you do too!