Entrepreneuring: My Interview on El-Be Social Marketing

Last week, I had the fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by El-Be Social Marketing owner/copywriter/social media guru Laura Oldham. Laura allowed me to share my experiences of starting my own business.

On her site, she wishes to feature, in her words,“entrepreneurs that I admire as a way to inspire my readers, my clients and anyone who wants to peek into the mind of someone whom I deem to be brilliant in his/her field.”

Wow! I’m truly honored. Her words are quite flattering, and I am humbled to receive such warm accolades from a whip-smart, crazy-talented, and entrepreneurial woman such as Laura.

El-Be Social Marketing’s goal is to get your business online to take advantage of the customers you can gain simply by building a solid website and a strong social media presence.

Check out more on their site, and of course, read my interview. 😀 I love what I do, and I hope Laura’s interview with me inspires you too!