Meet Me at Social Media Week!

Social Media Week 2012 Header

As one of my resolutions to amp up my skills, connect with more great professionals this year, and become a better asset to my clients, I’m attending Social Media Week (Sept. 24 – Sept. 28)!

Social Media Week is a fabulous opportunity to bone up on the ever-changing trends of social media. It also gets me to increase my network and see the faces of fellow social media fans. Additionally, SMW gets me to take in the fresh city air that I love so much… And show off my brand new business cards. ;D

I’m an avid Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest enthusiast, but I figured I can learn to target my audience more effectively. (I want to keep you engaged – not enraged – or worst yet, yawning. :D)

Here are the events I’m attending this week:


Pinning and Winning: Activating Social Contests

I already attended this since this was yesterday, and I enjoyed it very much! This event was comprised of a panel that knew their stuff. I’ve already connected with great social media masters like Ana Fernatt (@AccidentallySxy), Curalate (@Curalate), and CMP.LY (@CMPLY). (Great job, guys!)


Emerson Spartz: Creating Viral Websites


Translating Your Digital Brand Personally


Keynote: Matthew Adell, Beatport, ‘Think Small, Go Big: The Importance of Engaging a Community’

I hope to see you there. Comment below and let me know, and/or tweet me at @aerialardour and we’ll meet up and expand our social media minds together!

Thanks for reading!