Aerial Ardour, Aireen Arellano

Balsam Bottle Design

In early 2013, world renowned mixologist Adam Seger had an idea to reinvent the vermouth category by creating Balsam. As Mr. Seger stated in his interview with Mutineer Magazine, Balsam is "...everything that is in traditional vermouth with the exception of wine. Thus a restaurant can add a house wine to their Balsam to make just as much fresh vermouth as they need."

Adam gave me the honorable task of bringing his idea to life. Through several meetings with Adam and research on my own, I learned the ins and outs of vermouth and set the goal of creating a beautiful bottle while setting Balsam apart from competitors. It was also important to clearly communicate what Balsam is to consumers. Since Adam's recipe contains a bountiful blend of botanical ingredients, I portrayed this by illustrating a variety of plants and herbs of those spices, using inspiration from Amy Stewart's 'The Drunken Botanist.'

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