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CareAline Products, LLC logo

CareAline’s mission is to provide improved quality of life for patients with implanted intravenous lines, and their caregivers. They offer functional, protective garments for both children and adults. CareAline’s products provide freedom from extraneous medical tape and protection from different forms of environmental exposures, allowing patients (and caregivers) more comfort during treatment and everyday life.

The CEOs and Founders of CareAline are Mike and Kezia Fitzgerald. Mike and Kezia are dear friends of mine, and, after a hard fight, they tragically lost their baby daughter, Saorise, last December to neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. (Saorise is pronounced “SHEER-suh.” Beautiful, isn’t it?)

They directed the energy from their devastating loss to making better the lives of everyone fighting cancer by getting involved in several cancer organizations and starting the Fitzgerald Cancer Fund in 2011 after both Saorise AND Kezia were diagnosed with different forms of cancer. (I KNOW. Wow. Kezia’s health is doing well, by the way.)

Mike and Kezia developed the CareAline Sleeve and CareAline Wrap out of necessity while Saorise was undergoing chemotherapy for neuroblastoma.

This is such a noble way to start a business, that I was completely floored and honored when they asked me to create the logo for their company.

They wanted the logo to portray the warm and nurturing attribute of the CareAline brand, so we talked about the warmth and nurture that a mother gives her child. Given the ordeal that Kezia and Saoirse endured, this idea seemed more imperative to communicate than ever.

They have a preference for giraffes, so I followed that route. After doing research on giraffe anatomy and also taking care to research existing logos that feature giraffes (don’t want to copy Geoffery the Giraffe of Toys “R” Us fame!), I proceeded to sketch and refine a stylized illustration of a giraffe nuzzling her baby. Keeping them within the safe blanket of an enclosed circle helped to further the nurturing idea.

After they approved the design, I made sure to execute various logo variations so they could use their logo in different applications and media. With all my logo designs, I make sure to deliver the following versions: Pantone, CMYK, RGB, Black and white, Reverse/Knockout (or how the logo would look against a dark background).

I’m quite happy with the final logo, and I’m extremely happy that Mike and Kezia are too.

CareAline Logo by Aerial Ardour

CareAline Full Color Logo

CareAline Logo Variations

CareAline logo color variations.

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