Aerial Ardour, Aireen Arellano

Focal/Pattern Poster 01

I wanted to explore a number of fleeting subjects by using a main focal point as the object of interest and then a supporting image through use of pattern in the background. The pieces are meant to have a personal story while maintaining an appealing and quirky aesthetic for mass appeal. Thus far, the posters' connective themes include addiction and quirkiness; taking the subject matter seriously without taking it too seriously; conflict and resolution.

My husband and I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with gummied candy items. Out of worms or cherries or army guys, our most favorite is hands down, gummy bears. (Who DOESN’T like gummy bears? No seriously, come forth and discuss. I would have the same fascination that I do with people who don’t like chocolate.) Anywhoo, the phrase we’ve been tickling ourselves with lately when our obsession begins to piss off our digestive systems is, “gummy tummy.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present my latest poster sized at 18” x 24” that addresses our obsession with gummy bears and the anti-digestive consequence if too many are consumed.

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