Aerial Ardour, Aireen Arellano

Focal/Pattern Poster 02

I wanted to explore a number of fleeting subjects by using a main focal point as the object of interest and then a supporting image through use of pattern in the background. The pieces are meant to have a personal story while maintaining an appealing and quirky aesthetic for mass appeal. Thus far, the posters' connective themes include addiction and quirkiness; taking the subject matter seriously without taking it too seriously; conflict and resolution.

Here’s the 2nd poster in my recent series, featuring my mom! I’m proud of this one from a technical standpoint: I drew my mom’s face in Illustrator, and it quickly became a detail and shadow study. I’m excited about how close the final illustration comes to photo-realism but still retaining enough characteristics to tell someone that it’s drawn.

I didn’t mean for myself to get sucked too much into the details, but once I started, I couldn’t stop: I drew each of the hairs of my mom’s head. Yes, so her hair is comprised of a bajillion little brush strokes at .25pt. (Thanks, Wacom pad! Seriously, anyone who would do that with a mouse is clinically insane. Who and where are you? I want to meet you.)

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