Aerial Ardour, Aireen Arellano

Logo for Hatched TV Show

In May 2016, the showrunners for a new TV program called Hatched approached me with a request to work on the logo. It's a nationally syndicated show that gives American entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a team of an investors for the chance to launch or expand their businesses. The logo had to be clean, premium, and convey what the show was about. During the process, I kept in mind that this logo would be animated during the opening credits. Since the show is about contestants placing their bets on their own golden egg, I started sketching an egg and then pictured the word, "hatched" jumping out of it. Having the egg crack provided an opportunity to communicate the concept of the show further, so I made the crack of the egg form a US dollar sign. I was really happy when the client approved the logo, and it was a thrill to see the final logo make its debut during the show's premiere on the CW!

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