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Michelle Cox Photography Logo

As her business was flourishing in the part-time realm, photographer Michelle Cox took the leap to doing photography full time in late 2015, and she needed an updated logo to show the world she was ready. In Michelle's words, "My fear was that, even though my OLD logo seemed inadequate for the progression of the business, I didn't want to lose the essence of Michelle Cox Photography by adding or taking something away." After consulting with her over spirited emails and a life-affirming 4-hour breakfast (I could talk to the enigmatic Miss Cox all day!), I realized the love birds in Michelle's original logo were what her clients remembered the most about her branding, so we saw the best approach would be to preserve that design element while giving the rest of her logo a facelift. Her services revolve around portraying a wedding story from the bride's point of view, and she wanted her logo to portray that promise for her clients. An elegant yet weighted script combined with the confident elegance of a serif font in all caps was the winning design, and Michelle debuted her new logo in February 2016.




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