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The Village Menu Design

On July 19, Chef Frank Leon of Bokado, La Loggia, and Next Door restaurants, opened his latest and most delicious dining endeavor: The Village, a gastropub in Studio City, CA.

According to their press release, Chef Frank “sought the advice of La Loggia and Next Door’s loyal, young-Hollywood patrons, including Jessica and Ashley Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shia LaBeouf, and Ashley Tisdale. From those conversations, The Village was born.”

Here’s what Eater L.A. had to say (yes, they’re getting great press already!):

“Cocktails and beer are listed on chalkboards throughout the venue, all specialty drinks were named after American authors known for their boozy habits. The Rum Diary is made with rum, Applejack, maple syrup, lemon, orange, and peppermint; meanwhile Churchill is composed of Armagnac, orange brandy, egg white, raw agave, and nutmeg.”

Thirsty yet? ;) I was most honored to work on several projects for The Village, including a photo booth, menu design, and Grand Opening invite.

What was wonderful about working on The Village was first and foremost, their people. A great restaurant can’t open successfully without great people. They communicated what they were looking for while giving me the right amount of creative freedom.

I also loved the rustic-yet-sexy approach of the place. This allowed me to go with a simple and clean direction that had a nod to the relaxed personality of this hot Hollywood destination.

One disadvantage of having great clients on the West Coast is that since I’m in the Midwest, I miss out on fabulous events like these! I can’t wait for my next visit to L.A. to run down the cocktail list and get my ‘Literary Lesson’ from The Village. If you find yourself cruising around that area, let me know what you had to drink and eat and describe it to me in great, excruciatingly torturous detail, so I can drool until I can make my own visit! :D

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