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Veer Poster Contest

I designed this poster for a contest by Veer:

The assignment was to create a poster for a fictional event, using vector elements and fonts that Veer provided.

Below is the essay that accompanied my poster:

Chicago has a great event every summer in the Lincoln Park neighborhood called Mods vs. Rockers. As a motorcycle and tattoo fan, I was excited to attend my first one this summer in June. There was motor oil and chrome and big, gruff dudes – and ladies – revving their shiny 2-wheeled beauties all up and down Lincoln Avenue.

Usually along with motorcycle people come tattooed people... and a lot of the time, they're both motorcylin' AND tattooed, of which I am a great fan. (My husband is one of such people. :D)

However, I don't know a whole lot about motorcycles. I do like to look at them and ride on the back of my husband's '73 Honda CB500 K2. (I know how to ride one, but I shamefully failed my motorcycle test years ago, but that's another story.)

So I said to myself, "Why not have a showcase for quaint-yet-tattooed nerds such as myself? Let's feature bicycles instead of motorcycles!"

"Bicycles on their own are elegant Mother Earth-friendly vehicles, but how about if we feature something more visually exciting in the showcase... like tricked-out bicycles! I imagine a lot of bicycle enthusiasts have modified their 2-wheelers in ways that will blow my mind." A quick Google image search had confirmed this for me.

(As a solo freelancer, I have a lot of conversations with myself like this.)

For the poster design, I gave myself the direction of "hardcore yet friendly." Since this showcase was to be held in Chicago, I went with a red and blue color theme.

Why Wicker Park for the showcase location? It's a great neighborhood that is host to a number of diverse festivals already, including Wicker Park Fest, Green Music Fest, and Last Call Fashion Fest, just to name a few.

I used illustration and photography (with stock photography by Veer, of course) to give the piece depth and visual interest.

I hope you agree that it's a fun idea and that you also enjoy the poster. Thanks for looking!

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