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VEEV Bottle Design

In 2014, VEEV had grown significantly, and they had grown out of their brand intrinsic as "The World's First Acai Spirit™." While this feature was true, there were far too many other acai spirits in the category to truly stand out as the unique product VEEV is. Since their launch in 2007, VEEV had hung its hat on being comparable to the mixibility of vodka but a better alternative. In retail, they were shelved in the cordials category, which turned out to work against them, as consumers inaccurately perceived the spirit to be overly saccharine.

To combat this, VEEV decided to take the Goliath category of vodka head-on by placing their stakes in the provocative tagline, "Cheat On Vodka," daring consumers to stray from their usual go-to of vodka cocktails and try VEEV, in the hopes they will take a chance on a "new" spirit and make the switch. This new positioning called for a new package design for VEEV. Working in collaboration with Sterling Brands, I focused on a vertical take on VEEV's logo to give the bottle a taller and cleaner look. I also worked closely with an engineer to finalize a new mold of the bottle with squarer shoulders, using the letter "V" – a tall, confident letter in itself – as inspiration.

The client also wanted to give the consumer the ability to see the liquid inside to further demonstrate that the spirit is comparable to vodka, so I incorporated a knockout of the VEEV logo leaves. This area is clear and unfrosted. To preserve the brand colors of the VEEV leaves, I strategically placed a filled set of leaves on the back of the bottle, so when the consumer sees the bottle straight-on, the VEEV leaves are filled in and complete; but when consumers interact with the bottle and see it from another angle, they can see the liquid inside.

The new bottle design was introduced to the spirits world at Tales of the Cocktail in July 2014 and was received with accolades.

Photography by Adam Voorhees.

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