Farmhouse Co-owner Nora Gainer in ‘Today’s Chicago Woman’

Congratulations to Farmhouse co-owner Nora Gainer for her feature in Today’s Chicago Woman magazine’s September 2012 issue!

I’ve had the honor of working with Nora on various projects for some time now, and she is both a pleasure to work with and one smart, sharp woman.

Today’s Chicago Woman… fantastic choice for your feature!

Read Nora’s entire feature on Farmhouse’s website here.

Cheers to you and your continued success and inspiration, Nora!

Farmhouse Chicago: “Draughts for Drought”

I am happy and excited to announce that I’ve signed on a new client, and it’s a company I’ve been raving about ever since they opened in September last year: Farmhouse Chicago! 

I am proud to be working with this wildly successful Midwestern tavern in River North (which has been getting great reviews across the board on Yelp and Open Table, by the way… check ‘em out!), but not just because of their success, but mostly because they stand by keeping everything local.

Farmhouse works very closely with farms and breweries in only Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana to comprise their menu, and they even salvaged all the interior from an old furniture warehouse. They are so serious about how local their food is, that on their menu, they even list how many miles the food and beer traveled to get to their kitchen. (Those numbers are pretty low. That’s a good thing.) 

I’ve always been a fan of Farmhouse’s whimsical and smartly irreverent brand design, and I am excited to be taking the reins in cultivating the brand look from this point forward, while working with the ever-amazing El-Be Social Marketing, who does a fabulous job on the social media and web development front.

My first project with Farmhouse was to design an invite/poster for their week-long-promo-culminating-into-an-awesome-party event: “Draughts for Drought.”

From August 6 to the 12th, Farmhouse took 50% of the dollars from a select list of local beers and donated it to Harvest Moon Farms. With the terrible drought this summer, our local farmers could really use the support.

“Draughts for Drought” event invite. (“Whoosh!” is what I think when I see it.)

When I first heard the idea from Farmhouse owner and general manager Ferdia Doherty, I thought, “Of COURSE he thought of a way to have a good time for a good cause.” He’s always been one one to do that. So I wanted to find a design concept that would come close to doing justice to the event idea.

As my husband and I were driving to get some really good sushi over one weekend, BAM! I got an image of a beer glass pouring beer-turning-into-water into an old farm water bucket, so I quickly started sketching.

“Draughts for Drought” invite concept sketch. Good thing I double checked the copy, because for some reason, I started writing “SEPT” for the date.

It’s a ridiculously literal idea, but it quickly and boldly communicates what the promo is about.

I then followed that design up with another that focused more on the D4D party on the 12th:

Follow up invite design, focusing on the D4D party on August 12.

For the look and feel, I wanted to retain the wonderful textured look that Farmhouse already has, but I also wanted to give it a breath of fresh air. I feel pretty great about accomplishing that here, and I hope to continue to achieve a comfortable familiarity yet freshness with the rest of the Farmhouse projects from this point on.

I hope you came out to support the cause!

Awesome giddiness alert: Even Stephanie Izard – Top Chef Season 4 winner and owner of Girl & the Goat – came out… and she even tweeted a pic of my design!! Then I dorked out, squealed in delight (and in the process startled my Boston Terrier, Angel), and tweeted about it out of unbridled excitement. :D!!!

If you did come out, maybe you and I were enjoying Farmhouse together on Friday, when the hub-hubs and I enjoyed some D4D brew (and snuck in their new gin cocktail, the Gin Claude Van Damme too). ^_^

And if you couldn’t come out, that’s okay. With Farmhouse always willing to step up and help a neighbor, no doubt you’ll get the chance to enjoy a brew for a good cause again soon.

Cheers, and thanks for reading!