‘Back to the Future’ Poster & Cupcakes

The BEST GIFT EVER for a ‘Back to the Future’ and cupcake fan: a custom illustrated poster featuring Marty, Doc, and Einstein as cupcakes.

But wait…

…ALSO having those cupcakes exist in real life. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! (Report: They. Are. Orgasmically delicious!)

I could not contain my giggling and jumping.

My deepest thanks to talented illustrator and dearest friend Justin Castaneda and his wonderful girlfriend Nicole for blowing my mind, making me cry, and making my heart and tummy happy. ๐Ÿ˜€

Take 2 Seconds to Donate $10 via PayPal to Feel Good & Receive My Illustration in Honor of Baby Saoirse

Friends of mine, Mike and Kezia Fitzgerald, lost their 18-month old girl to cancer a week ago today.

I’ve been so encouraged by donations they’ve been receiving since my blog post yesterday.

The warm emails I’ve received from people I don’t even know have been so uplifting. I hope Mike and Kezia know how much people care.

But I gotta be honest, I would like to see more. A LOT more.

And I know you can take 2 seconds to make a super quick and easy PayPal donation of just 10 bucks to the Fitzgerald Cancer Fund.

In honor of her memory, I drew a 5โ€ x 7โ€ print of Saoirse dressed up in costume as Uncle Fester, which is who she was for Halloween this year. I also drew her faithful, loving, and loyal dog, Fallon, a beautiful boxer of the Fitzgeralds.

If it matters to you, my illustrations have appeared in work for Southern Comfort, Pei Wei Asian Diner, VeeV Aรงaรญ Spirit, and Grolsch Brewery, just to name a few. (Haha, yes, I’m aware a lot of them are in the alcoholic beverage category. Yay! But that’s for another conversation.)

What I’m asking you to do is the following:

  1. Make a minimum of a $10 donation to the Fitzgerald Cancer Fund via their Facebook page or by sending a check to:

    Fitzgerald Cancer Fund

    Care of People’s United Bank

    1 Conant St.

    Danvers, MA 01923 

  2. Email me a copy or screenshot of your PayPal receipt or check at aireen@aerialardour.com, subject line: Saoirse and Fallon Print. You can blur out or black out any personal financial info. Basically, prove that you’ve donated.
  3. Email me your mailing address so I can send you my 5” x 7” signed and numbered art print of Saoirse and Fallon.
  4. This last step is a bonus, but it’s probably pretty important: pass this on. Post this link on Facebook, tweet the crap out of it, whatevs. We all know how powerful word of mouth can be. (Just ask your gossipy neighbor, right? ;P)

And if cash is way too tight, which I completely understand, but you still want to express your support and condolence, feel free to visit the the Fitzgerald Cancer Fund’s Facebook page and write on their Wall.

I’ve been keeping up with her dad, Mike’s, blog, and it just breaks my heart. He writes about how angry he is, and how he feels like he has failed his little girl somehow… that she died too soon and that maybe they missed something.

I believe they did everything that was humanly possible.

Let’s help the Fitzgeralds keep up their faith.

It’s easy to think, “Well, there’s nothing I can do – but I’m praying for them.” For just 10 bucks, you can feel like you’ve done something AND you can get a sweet illustration of a lil girl in happier times with her loving dog. ‘Tis the season. Let’s get to it.

Good Monday to you! No doubt your weekends have been filled with holiday parties. My hubby and I enjoyed our first one of the season this weekend, and our party favor was a delightful and playful holiday card by illustrator and author Justin Castaneda of the ‘When I Was Little’ children’s book series. His card features his beautiful lady Nicole and himself in the middle of a nippy photo op with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-donned snowman. I felt warmth and a childlike happiness as I held the card in my hands. Thank you, Justin and Nicole! For more work by Justin, visit wheniwaslittlebook.blogspot.com

“Mad Dog”

“Just a little personal matter between me and Eastwood!”

This is a value study sketch of Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen from Back to the Future Part III. It’s an exercise I like to do to keep my eye honed in on light and shadow. In school, my Life Drawing 101 professor always encouraged us to “sculpt with line,” and I never forgot that.

I thought the use of hot pink was appropriate for the intensity of the scene. It’s also a fun interplay of pink vs. the grittiness of the wild west setting.

And yes, you bet your bottle o’ whiskey I was watching BTTF3 while working on this! ~_^

24″ x 36″ Poster: “King Sny’s Hawaiian Paradise”

I just finished up an รผber-fun custom poster to work on for a client.

She and her friends commissioned it as a gift for their friend as a thank-you for letting them stay at his beautiful Hawaiian home for a vacation. She wanted a movie poster sized at 24” x 36” with 12 portraits total. To fit with the Hawaiian theme, she wanted to use a vintage Hawaiian aesthetic.

What a sweet thank you gift!

Like a good girl, I did my homework first (as I usually do ^_^) by researching vintage Hawaiian posters. I noticed a lot of my faves had similar elements, including surf boards, water, white plumerias, hibiscus flowers and palm trees – elements one would expect to see in a Hawaiian poster I suppose. ๐Ÿ˜€

I also saw there was a lot of bamboo typography in these old posters. I thought it would be neat to hand-draw the title, “Hawaiian Paradise,” in my own type illustration, but I was keeping the client’s budget in mind, so I opted for a bamboo font that worked well. I gave it dimension by giving it a curve in the type-set and then filling in the letters with color and adding a subtle outline.

I used Illustrator to draw the faces and natural elements (helloooo, Pathfinder tool! Kachow!) and then brought the layers into Photoshop to give more dimension to the portraits and to give the poster the textured, aged and vintage look.

This project was right up my alley because:

  1. I love doing posters.
  2. I love doing portraits.
  3. I love doing MOVIE posters. (Bonus!)
  4. And I love vintage!

So, this was a beautiful case of making the client happy while working on a dream project.

Two hips and a hooray! I hope you likey.

And I hope to work on more projects like this in the future. Come one, come all!

Anyone else getting a hankering for a Mai Tai? ;P

Happy Birthday, Aziz!

In honor of the amazingly talented and hilarious Aziz Ansari’s birthday today, I did this quick sketch. I suppose this can also count as a plaid shirt study.