I Have A YouTube Channel!

My focus has been offering graphic design and small business tips

but I’m open to experimenting with lifestyle features, too. I’ve tried a mukbang video where I ate and reviewed White Castle’s Impossible Slider in response to the growing Impossible Foods craze. I’ve also shared my deepest feelings about Growing Up Filipino American to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May.

My goal is weekly uploads every Sunday.

I’ve been keeping it up so far with 9 videos in, all of which you can watch below. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the discipline of keeping up with a weekly upload.

I’ve also really been loving the steep learning curve diving into the world of video!

I’ve worked with iMovie in the past, but taking strong recommendation from my pro editor/director brother, C.J. Arellano, I transitioned to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which was SUPER intimidating at first, but now we’re like familiar friends getting to know one another over frequent in-depth life discussions over a series of parties that we just happen to keep getting invited to.

Here are all my videos so far!

Please like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell as well! YouTube’s algorithm has it so that even though you subscribe, you may NOT get notifications of when a creator uploads a video *unless* you hit the notification icon next to the subscribe button. I appreciate your support! Thanks for coming along with me on my video and YouTube learning journey!

Find My YouTube Channel Here

Introducing: VeeV® VitaFrute™

This is the huge project I’ve been working on from the bottom up since… holy crap, January.


VeeV Açaí Spirit® – The World’s First Açaí Spirit – is taking on the ready-to-drink beverage category and has launched VeeV VitaFrute™ Cocktails as of this month!

Check it: http://veevlife.com/vita-frute/

VeeV VitaFrute promotional poster.

Look at those colorful, delicious bottles!

I worked in conjunction with Spring Design Partners to complete the bottle label designs.

VeeV VitaFrute label designs.

I also had a hand in finalizing the logo, brand book, sell sheets, case design, and a number of other brand design components. 

VeeV Spirits has been so fantastic throughout the process of creating the VeeV VitaFrute™ brand, as they were with creating the VeeV brand.

VeeV VitaFrute™ is pretty awesome for the following reasons:

  • The cocktails are made with VeeV Açaí Spirit®.
  • They come in three flavors: Organic Lemonade (yes, really organic! Trust me, we had to go through a ton of red tape and specifics to make sure it was), Margarita, and Organic Cosmopolitan.
  • They’re ready to go, so all you have to do is pour over ice and drink up!
  • That means it’s super easy for parties… as well as those days where you just don’t feel like whipping out the cocktail shaker. (As much into mixology as I am, there are definitely those days! Haha, yes, first world problems.)
  • And um… each of the cocktails are under 125 calories. YES!

VeeV VitaFrute™ case stack mockup. Look out for these in a liquor store near you!

Where can you find some?

Keep up with VeeV on Facebook and Twitter for updates. I know as of today, VeeV VitaFrute™ is currently available in New York with steady distribution continuing throughout the country.

My heartfelt thanks to VeeV Spirits for the honor of trusting me with their brand new baby! I have no doubt they’ll match if not surpass the success of the VeeV brand with this new endeavor. 

Mmmm, Margarita… hey, it’s Friday! ;P Cheers, and thank you for reading!

Website Launch: WA Imports

I am giddy giddy giddy to announce the launch of a brand-spankin’ new website for client WA Imports!

Check out the sexy new site here: http://waimports.com/

With the lightning-quick work of Canopy29, I was able to work with web developer genius Jonathan Domanus to get launch approval within the hour of sending the website to the client for review. Whoohoo!


WA Imports is an ingredient driven company, partnering with some of the world’s finest artisanal growers and processors. WA Imports offers a wide variety of specialty food products that allow the professional chef and chef at home to add a little something special to their recipes.

I had the joy of using their Yakami Orchards Yuzu Juice with seared ahi tuna, and it made me look like a cooking rockstar. (And trust me, I am *not* a cooking rockstar. That’s what my husband is for.)

Cocktail enthusiasts behind the restaurant bar and at-home bar alike can also use WA Imports’ products to build creative and sophisticated drinks that elevate the palette to another level.

I know that mixologist extraordinaire Adam Seger (also a wonderful client), likes to use WA Imports’ products in some of his masterful cocktail creations.


WA Imports has some serious street cred too. They have been featured in The New York Times, Food & Wine Magazine, Tasting Table, and the Chicago Tribune Magazine.


The client previously had a clunky site that did not reflect the premium nature of their products. My goal was to design a site that was very clean, open, elegant, easy-to-use, and sophisticated. White space was king here. Most importantly, I wanted to let their products be the star of the show, and I am excited to say that the design accomplishes just that.

I must also put in a great word for Canopy29’s Content Management System. When I was populating the site with content, I found their CMS was fast and extremely easy to use. I felt like a pro developer CMS-ing away!


Aside from the client wanting a “fast and slick” site, they wanted to get on the social media hub, so I worked with Canopy29 to get WA Imports up and running on Facebook and Twitter. So LIKE and FOLLOW WA Imports to get the latest on their new, mouth-watering products!


What’s even more exciting is that WA Imports will be featured in the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this weekend January 15-17, which is a huge annual show for them. We launched just in time for them to show off their brand new site to their booth visitors and fans, which will be imperative for WA Imports to spread the word about their phenomenal products.

(Did you know that Patti LaBelle once visited WA Imports’ booth at a food show and professed how much of a fan she is of their products? UMMMM… AMAZING!)

Congratulations to WA Imports on their new website!