VIDEO: ‘Reels on Wheels’ Premiere

In my last blog post,

I introduced you to my life-long friend, comic book artist, illustrator, and author and all-around awesome human being, Justin Castaneda. One of the reasons we’re such great friends is that we enjoy watching Hollywood blockbuster movies and talking about them.

So we came up with the idea of Reels on Wheels,

a YouTube road show where we talk movie expectations on our way to see it and review the movie on our ride back. Here’s the deal: Justin and I approach our reviews as fans. We ain’t no professional film critics, boo! We’re just your average, nerdy Hollywood film-gobbling movie viewer.

We started with the movie that officially started the 2016 summer movie season*: ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

At the time of filming this, we had not yet solidified our rating system, but as of writing this blog post, we now have one: Reels -OR- Wheels? Reels: Go see it! Wheels: [tires screeching and peeling away] Save yourself and don’t see it.

Having been out for over a week now, the ‘Batman v Superman’ is divisive.

If you haven’t seen it already, should you go see it? Should you save your cizzash?

Justin and I weigh in here, but let me know what you thought of the movie by commenting below! And don’t forget to subscribe to Justin’s YouTube channel to keep up with future episodes of Reels on Wheels.

Our next movie? Captain America: Civil War, which hits theaters May 6.

*The summer movie season starts earlier and earlier every few years. We have May-premiering ‘Spider-Man’ in 2002 to thank for starting that trend.

VIDEO: Creatives in a Cafe Getting Coffee with Justin Castaneda

Every once in a while, I go on a POWER LUNCH with Justin Castaneda. Who is this person? Ohhh he’s none other than an illustrator genius, comic artist, author, and most importantly, amazing, life-long friend. And what’s a power lunch? Well, both being independent creatives, Justin and I know it’s important to step outside of the ever-so-cozy and sometimes-isolating box that is the home office. Our favorite place to catch up and share our creative process is Creative Cakes in Tinley Park. In the video above, Justin and I share our creative processes and laughs.

You also get to see a terrible, terrible sketch for one of my t-shirt designs for Snort Monster. (I hope my drawing teachers aren’t watching…!) Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to Justin’s YouTube channel to get more of his creative process, hyperlapse sketches of his famous #cardBOREDsketches, and keep up with his comic con adventures.