Where’s ‘What’s A Rerun?’ What’s Next?

For those of you keeping up, you might be wondering what happened to the weekly collaborative installment of ‘What’s a Rerun?’ My brother, (award-winning writer/filmmaker C.J. Arellano) and I decided that, while responding to creative pieces WITH creativity (artwork and analysis) is fun, we wanted to have the freedom of total creativity beyond just responding to someone else’s creative endeavors.

That said, ‘What’s a Rerun?’ isn’t going anywhere. You can still read C.J.’s incredibly insightful reviews and view my geeky fan art on the site. And for anyone who wants to contribute any art and analysis to the site may still do so by emailing us at whatsarerun@gmail.com. We’ll continue to update the site whenever we feel inspired to write a review on a classic TV episode and create some great fan art for it.

Sure, we’re going to leave ‘What’s a Rerun?’ on the shelf for a while… but we decided we really loved collaborating with one another.

So we had a meeting last weekend to chat about what’s next for us siblings. 

And what we came up with is pretty exciting. 

Come launch time, we hope you’ll agree. 

I can’t wait to spill the beans on it, but for now, we’re working hard to bring you creative bits of awesomeness that we hope has a great sharability factor.

We enjoy our creative endeavors, and we’d like you to enjoy them too.

For now, stay cool, enjoy the summer, and thank you for staying tuned!

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